Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is vaginal breech birth safe? Jan 24 webinar

On January 24, I will be giving a webinar about term breech: Is vaginal breech birth safe? Come join me!

This presentation reviews research on term breech that has emerged since the 2000 Term Breech Trial. From a PubMed search of “breech” and “pelvic presentation” in the title & abstract, I extracted over 1,900 articles published between 2000-2017.

I examine the evidence on term breech broken into several categories: neonatal morbidity, perinatal/neonatal mortality, long-term childhood outcomes (1-18 years old), short-term maternal morbidity, maternal mortality, long-term maternal outcomes, and outcomes for the mother’s future babies. I examine where the evidence falls for term breech in developed versus developing countries and for breech birth at home. I present research updates on other relevant topics, such as upright breech birth and the role of maternal positioning in altering the dimensions of the pelvis. I also discuss how vaginal breech skills help make cesarean sections safer for head-down babies that are deeply wedged in the maternal pelvis.

I finally put all of the evidence together—short- and long-term for both mother and child and the mother’s future babies—and demonstrate the complex risk calculus involved in answering the question, “Is vaginal breech birth safe?”

Time: Jan 24 at 3 pm EST (12 pm PST, 9 pm in Western Europe) or listen later to the recording
Cost: $30
Duration: approx 90-120 minutes, including time for Q&A

If you can't listen live, you will also be able to access the recording. Please register today!

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