Saturday, October 16, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 298: Reading & costumes for me, soccer for everyone else

Eric had a marathon soccer day: Ivy had a tournament in the morning. Inga came along to help Eric. Ivy's team won all of their games and Ivy scored 8 times. Then he got back, grabbed a few bites for lunch, and left immediately after to go to Zari's game at Cavigal. Dio also had a game in the afternoon.

Inga went to the ice skating rink with a friend and then to the coulee verte. She was happy but so tired when she got home!

Eric make a salad and balsamic-honey-shallot duck breasts. Always a favorite.

We watched two episodes of The Flash and finished Season 3.

And me? I folded a huge mountain of laundry, read a book, caught up on emails, took a little nap, and then got serious about sewing Ivy's costume.

I'm using two thrifted curtains and one thrifted sheet, and the end result will be a ribbon-embroidered medieval dress with those big bell sleeves that laces up the back (from the curtains), plus a linen underdress with an embroidered hem (from the sheet). No pattern of course, but I would like to find a basic sleeve pattern to get the shape right where it attaches to the arm hole.

We're waiting for all of Inga's thrifted purchases to arrive so we can start on her costume.

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