Saturday, October 30, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 312: A very good day

✔ I finished Ivy's Halloween costume

✔ I finally put away all of my sewing supplies

✔ We repaired several tears in our leather couch with leftover leather from Inga's costume

✔ My dad finished Inga's wooden sword, complete with a pommel and a leather-wrapped handle

✔ We found, bought, and had delivered an awesome wood couch & two matching chairs for Le Catamaran. Right now they have horrendously ugly coushions, both in shape and in fabric, but hey, I can change that! But the wood frames are amazing. Pictures coming later because it's late. Bonus: the couch has a hideabed.

✔ We drew up plans for the kitchen and put them into Ikea's 3D program

✔ Eric and I applied the primer coat and the floors look AMAZING. I am so happy with the floors now. We have two finish coats to apply on Monday.

✔ We cancelled the Halloween party and rescheduled for Tuesday, when we should have full sun.

✔ Zari went shopping with my mom and actually found some things she would wear. It's a miracle!

✔ I baked a 2-layer cake and 24 cupcakes for Zari's birthday tomorrow and the Halloween party on Tuesday

✔ Zari will be 15 tomorrow. How does this happen?

✔ Inga is feeling better, but now Ivy has it. She got worse over the day and went to bed with a fever and chills. We're fortunate to have moved the party to Tuesday.

✔ We started watching "Escape to the Chateau," which I am really enjoying. I've seen other "English-speaking people move to France and renovate properties" shows in which they throw a lot of money at a place and pay people to do everything. That doesn't impress me. But this show--at least the parts that we get to see--the couple actually do the work. We're like a miniature version of them, but we have 2 rooms rather than 45 and twice as many children.

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