Saturday, November 13, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 326: Soccer and beaches and book clubs

14,982 steps

I'm healed! My mom is feeling a lot worse today, though. I brought her to the pharmacy for some decongestant and she got the full cultural experience. Here, if you want decongestant, you get the full package deal: 3 medications at once. Nope, you can't just buy decongestant! You have to buy a pill that combines Tylenol, pseuephedrine, and some sort of antihistamine. And then you also buy a saline nasal spray at the same time, highly recommended by the pharmacist.

While Eric was at a soccer match with Ivy, the rest of us went on a walk/scooter ride to Coco Beach. And Zari was NOT wanting to go. So much teenage drama and grumpiness and feet-dragging. (Was I like that? My memory is terrible so honestly I can't say.)

But once she was out the door, she had a good time. I let her and Dio head back as soon as we reached Coco Beach because she had a soccer match to get ready for. The rest of us (my parents and Inga) stayed and enjoyed the beach for a while. We had sun on the coast while the back country was overcast.

After lunch we headed to the coulee verte and met up with a German family who have the most adorable baby, almost 1 year old. Ivy and Inga love playing with her. Also: were my kids that energetic at that age? This little girl moves constantly. My mom says yes but again I just can't remember the specifics!

Eric, Inga, and my dad left for Inga's soccer match. We gave the Germany family a tour of our two renovation projects. It's fun to show off the (almost) "after" alongside the "before."

I worked on my DIY birth simulator. I have now drafted a printable template, a tool/parts list, and checked the template against the real thing to be sure it was scaled appropriately. I am SO excited about this project!

Zari came back quite happy from her match, which took place in Juan-les-Pins. She scored 1 of the 2 goals, helping her team win 2-1. Inga scored 3 or her team's 7 goals, winning 7-1. Ivy's team one one, tied one, and lost 3.

Dio was the only one not at a soccer match today; he invited a friend over for the afternoon.

After dinner Eric had a book club discussion via Zoom about his most recent book French Dive. I joined in with my parents; a lot of the attendees were people I knew back when I lived in Minnesota. Fun times.

Well, I hope to get to bed a bit earlier tonight. Eric didn't get home from his soccer match last night until almost 1 am...which means I didn't get to bed until 1 am either!

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