Wednesday, November 17, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 330: Work soccer walk

11,507 steps

Today felt very sedentary, even though I was working most of the day and went on a walk in the evening. I definitely need to do more proper exercise. I miss the endorphins.

We did little putzy things: mortised and hung one door to see if it fit (it did!), installed the WC door (it locks!), installed the WC lights (they work!), and painted the door frame. We also ripped and cut the wood for the bookshelves. The AC guys came to finish the install, but our upstairs neighbor wasn't home and they couldn't get up to the compressors.

Dio was so tired and begged not to go to soccer practice. "There's no way I can run; I'm way too tired." They had a race during practice from one side of the field to the other. Guess who won by a large margin, even though all of the other boys are a year older than him? Yes, Dio!

Zari has a big math test tomorrow. I helped her study as much as I could, given that I never learned formal mathematical proofs. In the States, we just learned how to solve the problems. As long as you have the right answer, how you get there doesn't matter. Here, you have to write the proofs correctly, line by line, otherwise you'll lose points.

My dad gave Ivy a lesson about body organs and systems this evening. A few days ago he did a lesson about the blind spot in our eyes. The kids really liked that one.

I drafted a mini pattern for the bottom couch cushions this evening. These cushions have a number of curves on both the front and side faces. Very tricky. I think I got everything down to a few millimeters' accuracy. The new cushions (for the backs) are rectilinear and will be much easier to draft and sew.

I went on a walk with my dad after Ivy and Inga were in bed. He is constantly astonished by the beauty here, in particular the sea. I love being able to share this place with others. (Hint: if you a friend or family member, PLEASE come visit us.)

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