Friday, November 19, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 332: We have a shower!

11,697 steps

We were hoping to see the lunar eclipse this morning. We knew it would be tight, since the moonset and the eclipse would be happening at about the same time. Ivy and Zari got up with me at 7 am, and we hurried out to the beach. Surprise surprise, my dad was already there! We had just missed moonset, but the eclipse still hadn't started. Unless we were standing on a mountaintop, we couldn't have seen it.

But it was fun anyway to be walking around at dawn. My dad bought several pastries on the way home to share with everyone: pain au chocolate, briche au sucre, brioche framboise, and triangle aux amandes.

We grouted the rest of the shower in the morning. I experimented with piping the epoxy grout in with a pastry bag. It worked well but was so taxing! In the end we spread the rest with the normal grout float and a putty knife.

My dad and I had another walk to the hardware store in town. We needed finish nails and some plywood (for reupholstering our own dining room chairs--a project my mom has volunteered to do). I told him, "Next year, I'm going to send you all on your own!" We go there often enough.

In the evening we came back and cleaned off the epoxy residue with a special chemical. We also got the electrical door trim painted, cut, and installed.

Dio was more than an hour late coming home from soccer. I was busy putting kids to bed and catching up on work, and then I had a moment of panic: "Where is Dio?! Did he ever come home?" I called his coach and he had just been dropped off a few minutes previously.

Eric went spearfishing today--only 1 fish. He's now playing a late night soccer match.

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