Tuesday, November 30, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 343: Organizing and so much walking

19,285 steps

We organized the front apartment and put almost everything up onto the mezzanine. We have a pile of stuff to give away before next Tuesday--wood scraps, iron grates, leftover bags of mortar and wall smoothing compound and sand, etc. I hope we can find takers for it all! 

I had tons of errands to run this afternoon, enough that I got blisters on the bottom of my feet. But I found a nice mirror for Le Catamaran, a silk rug for the front apartment, and got other important errands taken care of. 

Right before bed, Inga helped me mark where to drill pilot holes for the catamaran net installation. She is so excited to keep working on it. We might have it up by Thursday! I'm not sure who filmed this little video of me marking the spots. Either my dad or Inga. 

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