Monday, April 15, 2024

Airport catch-up

I'm in the airport awaiting my flights to Warsaw and then Budapest! So here's some catching up.

Yesterday was an "off" day while Kristine was teaching her Breech & Twins Master Class. I slept in until almost 8 am, which felt amazing. On teaching days we have to be up early, plus I generally wake up even earlier without wanting to.

I went for a nice run along the river, circling around the old town.

I worked on the book until lunchtime, when I went down to eat with the group. I decided to bring my computer with me for the afternoon and listen in on the last part of the Master Class as well as do more video editing.

When the class was done, I walked to a nearby grocery store and bought a salad and beets, then went for nice walk through the old town and to the river. I sat on a bench and ate dinner and read a book. Very nice way to end the day!

ps, don't laugh at me, my running pace is not that fast! But at least I'm running.

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