Friday, April 19, 2024

Birthday in Budapest

I had the day free today--and I needed it!

Yesterday was an intense teaching day that started at 3 am (not on purpose!!) and ended close to 10 pm. I was exhuasted and in pain and so happy to get back home.

But I love teaching, too. I just wish it weren't so taxing.

We had another fantastic group and I was super excited that Agnes Gereb attended yesterday's training. And the night before yesterday, I got a message from Betty-Anne Daviss, saying, "Hey, I happen to be in Budapest. Could I come to your training?" I said, "yes, please!" So she and Dr. Bisits helped participate and gave short impromptu lectures when we broke into small groups.

We had people from Hungary, Italy, and the USA yesterday, plus of course Canada and Australia!

A group of us went out to dinner, including most of the instructors and organizers. I had a traditional beef stew and dumplings with sheep cheese. Yum.

I finally had a good night's sleep after 4 nights in a row of very bad sleep. I still woke up at 3:30 am but at least got back to sleep this time.

And...since today is my was an extra special day! I visited the synagogue across the street and then had some meetings. 

After lunch, I walked all around the other side of Budapest (the Buda side). I crossed the Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) and walked up to the Citadella. The very top is closed for renovations but there still some other spots with a lovely view of the city and the Danube river. 

I kept walking down and then up again to the huge Buda Castle complex. Inside are multiple palaces, museums, churches, stables, much that I probably only saw a tiny fraction! I wasn't too keen on walking inside museums so I just enjoyed seeing the outside of most of the things.

A visit to Budapest wouldn't be complete without visiting the Semmelweis museum (of which there are more than one!). This one had a little bit about Semmelweis but it was mostly a museum of medical instruments. I took lots of pictures of obstetrial forceps and gory stuff for the kids to see and go "ewwww!"

I crossed back to the Pest side on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, then walked along the river until I got closer to the apartment.

I passed so many museums today! Maybe I will go inside another day.

The rest of the day was a bit less interesting--catching up on a mass of breech-related tasks.

I was able to talk with Eric and then again with most of the kids later in the day.

We have an early flight tomorrow to Prague.

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