Saturday, April 06, 2024

Eric was gone all day at 2 different soccer events: Inga's all-day tournament and in the middle of the day, Ivy's game. Zari also had a game that they won 10-1 or 10-0 before the other team forfeited in the 2nd half due to someone getting badly injured. Zari scored a goal! Inga scored 2 goals today (out of 5 total) and I can't remember about Ivy's without asking Eric.

Anyway it was just me and Dio for a while at home. He went downstairs to the barber and got a much-needed haircut. I worked on the book and, besides editing many chapters, managed to design the dust jacket from start to finish.

We're looking forward to a low-key day tomorrow. We'll proably go to the chateau park in the afternoon but nothing is scheduled.

Zari is working on a spoof ad for her English class. This is one tiny little excerpt from a much longer, super hilarious ad for a company that makes genetically modified babies.

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