Wednesday, October 13, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 295: Another day...nothing really that exciting

Ugh, I have to drive our car tomorrow. I am not a fan of driving here in Nice. I can do it, but I avoid it whenever possible. Eric has to accompany Inga on a class trip, unless I can get him to switch with me. (We have to drive to a store tomorrow morning at a set time to order windows.)

I did painting and electrical work today, when we were not doing our usual soccer shuttling. We might start laying wood flooring tomorrow! We have to vacuum the floors super well and then I think we can start.

Ivy and I took a trip up to the fabric store to buy some supplies for her Halloween costume. Both Ivy's and Inga's costumes are going to be pretty epic, provided I can turn what's in my head into reality.

Eric is playing soccer and won't get back until close to midnight. I'm helping Zari with her French homework (questions about a passage by Emile Zola).

I've been playing around with doing a penny floor in the little WC. But I cannot find any bank that will give me pennies! I need 40-45 Euros of pennies. I have visited or called multiple banks with no luck. So I might need to abandon that would have been so cool.

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