Thursday, October 14, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 296: Feeling overwhelmed

8,705 steps + almost an hour of biking

This evening I felt really slow and tired. "Why am I so tired? Oh yeah, it's because I took a long bike ride and then I put in a full day of renovating."

So we figured out a solution to the car & chaperoning: I would ride my bike and thus avoid having to drive! It was 20 minutes by car and 25 minutes by bike. What I didn't realize was that the last half of the route was a steady incline. I definitely got a workout!

Why was I riding my bike? I was meeting Comrade at a window factory to order our windows. They will be done Nov 19. Normally turnaround time is about 3 weeks but Covid has created all sorts of delays.

Meanwhile Eric accompanied Inga to a class trip to a photography exhibit by a world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand ( ). "There was this lake that had colors, and one time it looked like a tree. Behind the tree it was the night." A few weeks ago her class got to meet him in person, and it made a big impression on Inga.

We both got home around the same time, and then it was go time for renovating. We finished planing the last 3 boards, just a bit on the edges. I cleaned up the back apartment (again) and did some little painting things here and there, mostly touch-ups. Then I cut yet another wall channel and jack-hammered out the rocks to move the AC lines over about 18".

Eric routed and sanded the new planks, which took a while to get everything perfectly smooth. Then I oiled the backs and sides (we'll oil the front once they are installed and have the holes filled with wood plugs).

When my school pickup alarm range, we were both in the middle of our jobs so I went to the school in my beautifully dusty work attire. No time to change! Then I went back and finished my task, which took another half-hour.

I have to admit that today I felt overwhelmed with how much work we still have left on the back apartment, not to mention the front apartment that we haven't even started yet.

Zari and Dio are both at soccer, and Eric is putting Ivy and Inga to bed. I am really to stay awake until bedtime 🙂

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