Wednesday, November 03, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 316: Like father like daughter

15,465 steps

Well, my dad and I had a great workday. First thing in the morning, Eric and I put felt pads under all of the furniture and then moved it into Le Catamaran. We have a dining table and 4 chairs, a couch and 2 matching chairs, a side table, and a bed. Next week once the floors have cured, we'll add the rug.

The plumber comes tomorrow morning, so we'll get the toilet, sink, and shower base installed.

Eric and the girls headed off to soccer, with my mom playing chauffeur mid-afternoon. My dad and I stayed home to work: we took out the big window in the front apartment that will be bisected by the mezzanine, then covered the opening with bubble wrap. Then I cut wall channels for the electricity that will be passing under/through the ledger boards.

And then FINALLY we installed the ledger boards for the mezzanine. This is a big steps because it allows us to order the web joists that will support the entire mezzanine structure.

After we got both boards attached on each end, we needed more threaded rods. We walked to the first home improvement store and they didn't have big enough ones. So we had to walk to another home improvement store in a different part of town. And it was ranining the whole time! Still it was fun to walk all around with my dad.

And OF COURSE we chose the harder path: instead of buying pre-cut rods (for 6 Euros each), we bought 1-meter lengths and cut our own (0.75 Euros each). I just couldn't handle paying 8x more for the pre-cut items. We saved at least 80 Euros becuase we needed 18 rods.

We'll cinch in the boards tomorrow morning and then send the measurements off to the sawmill (scierie) that makes Easi-Joists.

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