Thursday, November 04, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 317: Nous sommes bricoleurs

8,431 steps

Joists are ordered! The first window is installed! The plumbing is (mostly) done! My parents have a working toilet!

Our four fixed-pane windows arrived last night, so we got the first one installed today. But of course we had to do last-minute painting and prepping before we were totally ready. It's amazing to finally see a window in what used to be an open void.

The toilet and shower base are installed, but the plumber needs one more part in order to install the sink. He'll be back early next week for that. But we are ready to tile the shower now.

What else? Oh, Dio did a tryout at Cavigal today because he has really been disliking his current coach (plus it's really far out of town). One of his friends from school--someone he has known since kindergarten--was on the team! Dio was a nervous wreck all day but once he actually got there, he had a good time. I hope this new team will work out, and it would be great to have all 4 kids at the same club.

While my mom and I were watching Dio, Eric went to the Café Simone to do a book reading and discussion. Inga and my dad came along. It was supposed to be in both French and English, but nearly everyone was French so Eric ended up speaking in French the whole time for their benefit.

Ivy is at a sleepover tonight and the house feels way too quiet.

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