Friday, November 05, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 318: Wrapping up another week

We are looking forward to a day off tomorrow. The forecast is gorgous: 18C and full sun. We're going hiking and exploring in the area.

So, what did we do today on Le Catamaran?
  • Installed 3 more fixed-pane windows, which involved way too much work getting the windows ready. Most of the openings were just a wee bit off square and thus needed to be planed larger in situ.
  • Planed and primed the WC door
  • Oiled the beams (1st coat) that will support the catamaran net
  • Signed the estimate and paid the deposit on the web joists
  • Ordered fabric for reupholstering a couch, 2 chairs, and 6 dining room chairs (the latter is for our own apartment, not for Le Catamaran), plus fabric for lots of decorative cushions. Total was 21 meters of fabric and 8 zippers.
  • Ordered custom foam cushions for the couch & 2 chairs

We also got Culture tonight thanks to my mom. She bought tickets to a candlelight piano concert for the whole family, featuring arrangements of famous film compositions (The Godfather; The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly; The Mission; Cinema Paradiso, La Dolce Vita, and more). Zari was gone at soccer practice so Inga got to invite a friend.

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