Sunday, November 07, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 320: Zee couch

12,816 steps

I haven't taken many pictures recently. But to assuage your curiosity here are pictures of "zee couch." It also has 2 matching chairs.

The original cushions are horrendously ugly. The back cushion actually had a 2nd cushion on top that went way over my head! I'm getting rid of the back cushions entirely and ordering a ones that goe just underneath the wood back and that aren't so rounded looking.

The next picture shows the fabrics that we chose for reupholstering: dark olive green faux leather for the cushions and then 3 really fun fabrics for decorative pillows: peacock velour, apple green canvas, and striped teal velour.

Yay me--I get to reupholster a couch and 2 chairs! Yet another job on my to-do list.

Today was nice and relaxing. My mom brought Ivy and Eric geocaching. Inga, Zari, and Dio all had homework to catch up on for "la rentrée" tomorrow.

Right now 3 of the 4 kids are in bed and Zari is learning electricity from my dad. She missed the electricity unit last year when we were in the States and is feeling totally lost. But now she's catching up, thanks to having a grandpa who is an electrical engineer.

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