Monday, November 08, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 321: Sick leave

9,022 steps

Whatever cold is going around the family, I definitely have it. I made it through the morning but then had to put myself in bed for the rest of the day.

I was hoping to tile the shower today. My dad and I got the shower area prepped before I had to call it quits. There's always tomorrow...

In the morning we visited two kitchen design stores (Leroy Merlin and Ikea). I liked the cupboards more at Leroy Merlin, but they had limited choice for the sizes I needed on the upper cabinets. Ikea had all the sizes I needed, but I didn't like any of the cupboard styles! What to do?

We'll also explore other options, such as custom-made cabinets at local woodworking shops, but I fear that will be far too expensive.

I rested in bed but didn't really rest--instead, I did lots of breech work that needed my attention. That counts as rest, right? (I would say "no" to anyone else who asked me!)

In the afternoon we got an estimate from a contractor to dig up the tomettes and about 15 cm of lime & packed earth from our floors. We'll go down to the tops of the original solives (cross-beams or joists) and then re-level from there. This will take off tons of weight from the floors (literally tons; I'm guessing around 4-6 tons). Then we'll make the floors level, since there is a significant sag in the center from where the big beams settled over the centuries. We should also gain about 10-15 cm of extra head room.

This contractor was from some other country--I couldn't place the accent. I'm very curious, and a bit scared, to see what it will cost. He said it would take a team of 4-5 men two days to dig it all up. We *could* do this ourselves but it would probably take us weeks. We have another person coming tomorrow to do an estimate.

My mom made homeade falafel sandwiches. Everything was homemade, from the hummus (me) to the falafel, pita bread, and various sauces (my mom). My kids were moaning with delight as they bit into their sandwiches. We are so spoiled. We eat well, but I don't usually choose time-intensive things like that. I simply can't with all that I have going on! Ivy carefully arranged all of the toppings and made the table look perfect.

Dio had two tryouts at Cavigal and, sadly, they have too many people on the team already and can't take him. Why did the coach invite him to come when he knew they were too full already? Dio is really sad because he was exicted about Cavigal and now we are back to the coach he doesn't like.

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