Wednesday, November 10, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 323: Sick day 3

1,694 steps

Another day of mostly being on the couch feeling useless. On the up side, I've gotten a lot of breech-related work done.

Oh, my dad and I made a DIY Birth Simulator 1.0 today. Baby is chilling in it right now--the photo is not really anatomically accurate! It's just a rough prototype to get the angles and dimensions right.

Sim 1.0 is an adjustable stand that clamps onto a table and holds a cloth or bony pelvis. It will allow birth workers to practice by themselves without needing someone else to hold the pelvis. It can be adjusted into 3 birth positions (standing, hands & knees, and supine).

Our goal is to make it simple: as few tools as possible with parts available at any hardware store.

It's been so nice having my parents here. They have helped out with cooking (especially while I've been sick) and grocery shopping and picking kids up, not to mention renovating. Our long-term plan, once the Communist apartments are finished, is to have them come 3 months per year Jan-March (a good time to avoid Minnesota winters).

Also all friends and family are invited to come stay!

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  1. Rixa, would they ever be available to rent for readers who are not friends and family ? I’m an American reader currently staying in Castres…