Friday, November 26, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 339: We have a mezzanine!

 3,631 steps

Amazing progress today: we got the entire mezzanine structure up and 2/3 of the subfloor laid. We also carried our steel door down to a local metalworking artist. He cut it down to size for just 10 Euros.

The beams weren't too heavy to lift into place. I thought we'd have to use pulleys and a few more adults but it was totally doable with just us 3. 


I started sewing the first cushion cover today. My mom has made slow but steady progress taking the old upholstery on the dining chair seats. There are hundreds of staples in each one, many of them deeply embedded. Ivy and Inga took turns helping her. 

Dio is not feeling well today. So we have a 2nd round of something making its way through our family. 

Dinner: turkey noodle soup. We have just a small container of turkey left. Yum! 

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