Sunday, November 28, 2021

French apartment renovations, Day 340 & 341: Out of jail

I got put into Facebook jail for 24 hours because I posted a birth video. The computer bots auto-flagged it and got me into trouble. I'm waiting for a real person to review the case because it clearly doesn't violate their community standards. (I go through this often when I post birth videos.) 

Anyway, that's the reason for yesterday's radio silence. 

So, yesterday was a nice day at home, with just Ivy having a soccer match in the morning, which Eric and my dad attended. I sewed our couch & chair cushions much of the day, enjoying the kids as they did their activities around me. 

In the afternoon we bought another "new" door that will be the front door to the front apartment. This one comes with the original frame/casing, so we shouldn't need to mortise out new hinges. Yay! We have several weeks' work before we'll be able to install it. 

Today I finished the fourth seat cushion. So exciting! So now I have the back cushions to sew and then the decorative pillows. It's coming together. 

We went out in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and the beach. It was windy and cold--as cold as it typically gets here in the winter, which is around 11-12 C (53-55 F). But the sun felt great, and we were somewhat sheltered by the tall rock wall. 

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