Love makes a family

Want to create a subversive embroidery to support your LGBT loved one?

I have created a kit that includes a tutorial, pre-marked fabric, backing fabric, and batting.

The tutorial will guide you in choosing embroidery floss colors, show you how to create the letters and flowers, and demonstrate how to frame the project. You will receive both a PDF and an online tutorial, making it easy to take with you wherever you wish to stitch!

The kit also includes these supplies (sized for an 8x10" frame):
  • Linen embroidery fabric with letters and flowers pre-marked in washable fabric marker
  • Muslin backing fabric
  • An extra piece of muslin for practicing
  • Silk batting
You supply the embroidery floss, needle, hoop, and scissors.

Kit: $30 (free shipping within the US)

You can also purchase the tutorial only.

Tutorial: $10

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