Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What does a pregnancy cost?

I was recently going over my finances and asked myself "what has this pregnancy cost me?" Here's the breakdown:

Medications & supplements:
$60 for Crinone progesterone gel copays (I had some low progesterone concerns early in the pregnancy)
$100 for prenatal vitamins, vitamin B6, fish oil supplements, etc

Maternity clothes


Books & DVDs
(These were also for my dissertation research)

Chiropractic care
$60 for 6 visits (my copays are about $10 now that I have met my annual deductible)


Doctor or midwife visits
(Okay, technically I spent $20 to see my family doctor about getting my Hemoglobin levels checked and getting a prescription for a postpartum Rhogam shot if needed. However, she refused to help me with those things. Luckily the midwife I work with recently checked my Hg for free, and said she'd help me with the Rhogram prescription.)

Birth Supplies
I already had most things at home. Here are the costs for things I had to actually go out and purchase:
$20 for anti-hemorrhagic tinctures
$7 for afterbirth herbal bath
I'll probably spend a little more money on things like extra secondhand towels, hydrogen peroxide (takes out blood like a charm), and disposable mesh panties for the first few days postpartum.

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  1. I've found that Depends work great instead of the big pads and netted underwear.


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