Monday, July 23, 2007

Chateau and ropes course

I have more pictures coming, but in the meantime here are a few from last week:

The Kangaroo: Eric helped a group of students do a ropes course while I played with Zari. It was located right on the beach and the weather was cool and windy. She was pretty cold by the end of the afternoon, so he snuggled her up inside his shirt.

Chateau de la Roche-Courbon: Last weekend's excursion was to a privately owned chateau about 45 minutes away. A family still lives in the chateau and opens it up to visitors. Zari particularly liked watching the swans and ducks.


  1. Zari gets cuter and cuter! Thanks for posting these pics. Give her a kiss from her favorite aunt.

  2. I love the kangaroo pic! I thought for a minute she was in a did you try the course?? :)


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