Thursday, November 08, 2007

Request for animations of labor interventions

I received this request for information and thought I'd see if anyone can refer me to the proper source:

Do you know of any animations/simulations of labor (similar to those seen on National Geographic channel's "in the womb" series) of how amniotomy, lithotomy position and other managed labor practices affect the ease of the baby's navigation out of the uterus? I am looking for something based in science that shows how these managed childbirth practices make it harder on the baby.


  1. The Pink Kit has something like that. I think!

  2. has some animations too

  3. Hmmmmm not sure... off topic (slightly) but i've recently attended 3 homebirths that all required lithotomy to get the baby out - most odd - not shoulder dystocias by any means, but lithotomy was the only way we could get the babies round that corner. Strange.


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