Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ani DiFranco talks about her home birth

Thanks to Cognosco for posting an excerpt of a Q&A with Ani DiFranco, in which she discusses her home birth. You can read the full text here.

Two quick snippets to whet your appetite:
I believe the act of giving birth to be the single most miraculous thing a human being can do and it is surely the moment when a lot of women finally understand the depth of their power and connection to all of nature. You think it can’t possibly be done, you think you can’t possibly take the pain, and then you do — and afterward you look at yourself in a whole new way. If you can do that, you can do anything.
The memory of pain always recedes. The memory of triumph does not.
Sage Femme has also posted a video of Ani DiFranco, where she mentions the birth.


  1. I is so great when high profile people make good informed choices.

  2. I love the snippets you chose. It is true- you forget the pain, but remain triumphant.

  3. Nice quotes! They apply to so many things. I'm looking forward to feeding you lots of yummy food tomorrow.

  4. Good quote...I really like Ani and I have posted about her on my site also.


  5. Damn skippy, Ani! I remember seeing that video..."47 towels," hahaha.

  6. I found this interview awhile ago and posted it on my blog ;)

  7. That's awesome. Can you tell me when she had the baby?

    I'd love to figure out how to send something to her and send her some cloth diapers. Maybe if I sent it to her record label...


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