Sunday, September 06, 2009

19 weeks old

I've taken to calling Dio "fuzzhead" recently. He has hair just like mine when I was a baby: blond and sticking straight up. He's starting to interact a lot with Zari. I'm getting a taste of how nice it can be have more than one child.

Zari has a very long attention span, especially when we're doing "activities," as she calls them. Give her paper, scissors, markers, glue, stickers, glitter, and/or playdough, and you won't hear a peep from her for a long time. Here she is engrossed with her new foam stickers.


  1. "I'm getting a taste of how nice it can be have more than one child. "

    Yep. After the first three months, it was really easier having two instead of one. My kids became best friends, with many fights of course. Enjoy this great time!

  2. I love having two. They play well, argue of course, and get dirty and into trouble so quietly together. It's wonderful.

    I'm looking forward to baby #3, and wondering how he/she will fit into this family puzzle. Hopefully like the missing piece.

    Roan is much like Zari in that he can sit quietly for long periods of time engrossed in whatever it is he's playing with. It seems so unnatural for a child his age, but I enjoy it.

  3. Soooo sweet. Dio is ADORABLE!
    And Zari's hair is just golden and gorgeous.
    Two kids rock.

  4. Whatever you are doing with Zari, KEEP DOING IT!!! I am having to backtrack and work really hard at helping my kids GAIN an attention span again. I'm not sure where we went wrong, but you are definitely doing something right!

  5. Kelley,
    I don't think it's anything I've done--I chalk it up to her personality.

  6. They are both adorable! Just wait until ya have three:)

  7. They are so so cute, Rixa...and they continue to remind me of Greta and Mickey, he was so roly poly and blonde-sticky-uppy haired, and she had long long blonde hair and would just sit and play so quietly for so long---(and yeah Kelley I thought it was something I "did right" back then too lolololol)

    But these are sweet sweet times. I am so glad you are sharing them with us. Wish we lived closer!

  8. Rixa, both of your children are so beautiful! It's a pleasure to see them.


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