Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Breast is Best" instructional video

Dou-la-la alerted me to a fantastic instructional breastfeeding video called Breast is Best. This is only a 7-minute sneak preview, but it has a lot of great material. I am going to contact the filmmakers to see about a review copy.

More about the video:

A teaching video about breastfeeding, mother's milk, and early contact with the newborn. We see women at ease with their bodies and mothers and babies treated with respect for their skills in nourishing and seeking nourishment. Topics covered in the 45 minute video include: attachment, positioning, sore nipples, blocked ducts, engorgement, mastitis, sleepy babies, increasing milk supply, night feedings, breastfeeding premature infants, pumping and hand expression, breastfeeding twins and toddlers, and the role of support people and prenatal caregivers. Breast is Best was written and directed by obstetrician Gro Nylander, National Coordinator for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Norway, and produced by the Norwegian Film Institute.

This mainly new version of Breast is Best is revised and extended to also demonstrate e.g the importance of skin-to-skin contact, even in caesarean section, easy feeding at night, step by step feeding cues and latching on, toung-tie, carrying etc. etc.

You may here watch a 7 min. short version. The full version of Breast is Best may be ordered from:
HEALTH-INFO, Video Vital AS, P.O. Box 5058 Majorstua, 0301 Oslo, NORWAY.


  1. I wish they wouldn't call it "Breast is Best". We all know that. Why not call it "Breast is Normal" or some other title which conveys the truth that breastfeeding is the biological norm and any other way is inferior rather than "as good as the rest of us can get"...

    Ugh. It just perpetuates that only the "supermom" can really breastfeed exclusively and everyone else has to "settle" for substandard support and misinformation.

  2. Thanks, Rixa. Have requested this for purchase at our public library.

  3. I love that they also discuss skin-to-skin with dad when mom is unavailable. I know of at least one study that demonstrates the benefits of this after cesarean surgery in hospitals where babies are separated from mom until recovery.

  4. My husband held our baby skin-to-skin after my c-section until I was taken to recovery. There is not reason why this can't be done more often.

  5. This seems like a wonderful documentary. I'm pregnant with my first, and I learned some just with the 7-minute preview. Also, didn't know it could be an option to have baby placed on mom after a c-section. I will make sure to discuss this with my midwife in case we have to be transferred to a hospital in an emergency.

  6. Gro seems like a wonderful person, and a fantastic bf advocate. I googled her and read this google-translated article. She's quite a maverick. (Some of the computer-generated translations are hilarious, lol.)


  7. Wow, that was great! The information on C-sections and also the information on babies that are tongue tied, is excellent. I have had two tongue tied babies who both had their frenulum clipped and the difference in breastfeeding is amazing. With my first, she didn't get it done for several days and it hinder the bresdtfeeding process although we were lucky enough to get back on track. With my third I knew what I was looking at. He was premature and so not nursing immediately but I was able to push for him to get it fixed before he was strong enough to breastfeed and I am so glad I knew what I was looking at with him.
    What a wonderful video that will hopefully help many to know what to expect and not be afraid to breastfeed. It's a lot of work at first but so rewarding for the mom and the baby and gets much easier with time. I always found it so much easier than washing and sterilizing and preparing bottles (even if it was expressed breastmilk my baby was getting).

  8. I can't wait to see the whole 45 min. video. This should be required viewing for all L&D nurses. I can only imagine how much more successful moms who want to breastfeed could be if they had nurses passing along this sort of helpful breastfeeding information. Maybe it could be optional "check out" viewing, something for mom (and dad) to watch and learn from while waiting and waiting for the paperwork to be finished so the familly can finally go home, lol.

  9. Wow, really moving film. I'm amazed at how accommodating some MDs are about such things these days. See, for example, http://www.safebabysystem.com - a physician who really understands that pregnancy, childbirth and delivery are normal states of being.

  10. I loved this trailer and want the full version of the video. Does anyone know if there is a price for the video? I want it, I just need to know details. Thank you.


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