Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special discount for upright breech workshop

We are offering a special discount for non-medical professionals* as part of the Vaginal Breech Skills Workshop. For just $100, you can attend Betty-Anne Daviss' day-long session on upright breech birth. Her workshop takes place on Sunday, July 17th from 8 am - 5 pm at Butler University in Indianapolis.

The workshop will use a combination of lecture, discussion, videos, handouts, demonstrations on doll and pelvis and mannequin, and hands-on acting out of vaginal breech maneuvers. At the end of the session, participants should be able to:
  • Describe why in the past breech birth practitioners delivering vaginally reverted to having the mother on her back.
  • Discuss and critique the Hannah Term Breech Trial, its impact on breech birth, and subsequent research on vaginal breech birth
  • Release one’s fear of vaginal breech birth through an understanding of why the RCT was not the absolute answer to calculating the risks of cesarean vs. vaginal birth, observational research is a respectable form of research and such European research demonstrates both safety and new answers to old questions about how to conduct vaginal breech birth.
  • Develop trust and respect for the ability of the mother and baby to negotiate the baby’s descent after the practitioner has watched videos of babies literally fall out of the mother in the hands and knees position.
  • Describe why the vaginal breech birth in the upright and hands and knees position is more physiologically sound than requiring the mother to be on her back. Demonstrate the cardinal movements of the vaginal breech birth.
  • Demonstrate the skills of receiving the breech and trouble-shooting impediments to the descent of the breech, including what not to do.
  • Identify when breech birth becomes dangerous—whether by cesarean or vaginally.
  • Understand the future of vaginal breech birth and how it can be preserved

If you can't attend the day-long workshop, please mark your calenders for Betty-Anne's free public lecture on upright breech birth on Saturday, July 16th at 7 pm.

* I.e., anyone who is NOT a nurse, midwife, or physician. Doulas, childbirth educators, & lactation consultants are eligible for the discount.


  1. I wish that I lived closer; that looks awesome! I am particularly interested in breech birth right now as a baby died in our community at a home birth, from cord compression/head entrapment. It made me wonder what I would do as a midwife (when I become one!) if a first-time mother desired a home birth with a breech baby.

  2. Breech birth can be safe but only in a hospital.....there needs to be emergent care available, as well as ultrasound to monitor positioning. Pay attention to the qualifiers in that study, that allowed vaginal breech to be sort of safe---and realize that those babies were still under more stress than the average birth.


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