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Looking for VBAMC stories and provider

A friend of mine (actually, the friend who helped introduce me to my husband!) just wrote to me with a request. She had a vaginal birth, and then two cesareans, and is thinking of having a fourth. So far, she hasn't had much luck finding a provider willing to do a VBA2C. She lives in San Antonio, TX.

Please share your VBAMC stories and, if you know someone in the area willing to attend a VBA2C, get in touch with me!

Here's what she wrote:
Are you familiar with any birth stories of women who have done a VBA2C? I'm dreaming of another baby, and I keep thinking how awesome it would be to do a water birth. Am I crazy? My first delivery was a vaginal birth - went great, no problems (I did have an epidural which was fantastic). My 2nd I was induced on my due date (doctor's idea and I was uninformed) and it ended up as an emergency c-section due to fetal distress. My 3rd was going to be a VBAC but I never went into labor so it was a repeat c-section at 41w6d. My doctor didn't think it was wise to wait any longer, and I was ok with that.

I need to say that both of my surgical births were wonderful experiences. The recoveries were very easy (easier than the vaginal birth for sure), and I'm not necessarily opposed to a 3rd c-section. I just want to explore options and prepare for the future.

Can you send me some articles to read or any advice or links to birth stories?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


  1. I had a baby 2 months ago (my 4th!) in San Antonio with a midwife at home. It was just lovely. It wasn't a vbac, but I do know that some midwives attend vbacs if she wants to go that route.

    I personally recommend Robin Rabenschlag

    Good luck to her!

  2. I have a friend who just had a VBA4C! (Homebirth, assisted by midwife.) Her story is amazing.

  3. I had a water vba2c at home last year! I do not live in TX so I cannot recommend a provider. I can share my story though!!/notes.php?id=539368369

  4. Rixa,

    Have your friend contact Dr.Christina Sebastyen (ObGyn North) in Austin. The practice is her and a group of CNMs. Very VBAC friendly and, under rare and special circumstances, I know she has successfully supported VBAMC.

    An MD and CNM that USED to be part of the above practice has recently started their own, that's Dr. Andrea Campaign and Liane Miller CNM. Their practice is Nurture Obgyn. Also very VBAC friendly, though I don't know if Dr. Campaign will do VBAMC.

    Both practices attend births at the same hospital, no water births allowed unfortunately. But good VBAC rates. Best of luck to your friend.

    Best of luck to your friend.

  5. Hannah Rice8/7/11, 4:25 AM

    Lovely story of VBA2C, in Australia thought with a very dedicated birth advocate.

  6. A friend of mind -

    - Heather

  7. Homebirth VBAC after 3 sections – one classical section

    HomeWaterbirth After Caesarean

    VBAC: making a mountain out of a molehill

    Risk, homebirth, VBAC

  8. I just moved from San Antonio a few months ago. Dr. Kristin Plastino, an OBGYN who works in private practice and teaches at the medical school, was willing to do a VBAC for a friend of mine (not sure about VBA2C, and not a water birth). My friend's VBAC was unsuccessful unfortunately, which I think was due to a lack of education about VBACs on her part. So, I would definitely recommend a doula in conjunction with Dr. Plastino. I personally was also a patient of Dr. Plastino's until I decided to go the midwife route (about half way through my pregnancy), and she is an excellent provider.

  9. Try Dr. Paul Trautmann. He's at Babcoc and 410 in San Antonio. He was my OB when I lived in San Antonio and AFAIK does VBACs.

  10. Trautman doesn't do VBAC's any longer last I looked into it.

    There are a handful of VBAC friendly OB's in SA, to the best of my knowledge, none of them will do a VBAMC. It can't hurt to ask though.

    Dr. Munoz and Dr. Van Wingerden at Riverwalk OB-gyn

    Dr. Kuhl, Dr. Haun, Dr Shwope at Lone Star OB-Gyn. The Lone Star midwives are wonderful but they don't do VBAMC's

    I hear that a couple docs at the Institute for Women's Health do VBAC's also.

    The SA birth center WILL do a VBA2C. That is probably her best bet aside from a home birth. If not the birth center, than Dr. Van is probably her best shot.

  11. P.S.
    I've had three VBAC's here in SA, in three different hospitals, although they weren't VBAMC. If your friend wants to chat she can get in touch with me through my blog.
    A well known doula/VBAC advocate in Canada, Connie Banack had a VBA4C. A online friend of mine had a VBA3C and her 'little' boy was 13 1/2 lbs. Her story is on kmom's plus-size-pregnancy site.

  12. I had my victorious vba2c almost six years ago. It was lovely. Unfortunately (maybe for some), in order to achieve this in the safest possible way, I had to stay away from any hospital. During my last cesearean birth, my ob told me I should not have any more children and certainly would never be able to have a vaginal birth.

    That was eight years ago and three babies ago. ;-). My midwives have never questioned my VBAC decision. I have now five living children, three of which were born, at home, in uncomplicated births.

    Doing research and having a doula were invaluable. Your friend is welcome to contact me. :-)

    1. Would you please email me

      Our stories are almost identical. I was told I would never birth a vaginal baby while on the operating table. I'm striving for a VBA2C and am looking into doing it at home! I feel that this isthe only way I'd be able to have the birth I know I'm able to have. All info to be well educated in my journey is much appreciated!

  13. She could always come up this way and have a homebirth!

  14. I have a whole collection of VBAMC stories on my website, including VBA2C, VBA3C, VBA4C, and VBA7C. She can find it at:

    There's research summaries there as well, although the latest research on VBAMC is not yet up on that site. I have a couple of posts on VBA2C on my blog as well.

    Since I am a VBA2C mom (twice) this is a subject near and dear to my heart. She should definitely check out the ICAN chapters nearest to her for further feedback about the VBAC climate in the area.

  15. I know of midwives who will travel to SA from Houston if she needs those referrals. I agree with the pps, though, that she might be able to find OBs in the area.. but to definitely get a doula. TX is odd when it comes to women's birthing rights.. moreso than IL, MI, and TN (places I have lived before moving to TX).

  16. I am in Austin and will plan a HBA2C with our future babes. Please get in touch with our Austin ICAN chapter (we have a yahoo list that she can find and get in touch with everyone, and we also do monthly meetings in Austin). We have great support for moms in SA as well. Dr. Sebestyen is not really going to be a viable option for your friend, unfortunately. I would suggest home birth or I know a mom in our group has had 2 VBA2C with Dr. Gail VanWingerdan (although I don't have personal knowledge of her).

    TX is EXCELLENT for HBAmC options, but your ability to VBAmC in a hospital is really dependent on where you are in the state. Best of luck to your friend! I hope to see her on the ICAN list or at an Austin meeting soon!


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