Thursday, February 02, 2012

11 months old!

Remember when I wrote about how I felt that Inga and I were more than one but not quite two? Well, that is no longer the case--she's definitely her own separate person now. She has developed so much personality. And attitude (mostly cute, even when she's upset). She's thrown her first few tantrums when someone takes away a toy or food. She will shake her head no if she doesn't want the food you offer. She's learning how to interact with her siblings; I'll catch her trying to join in the same silly games they're playing. If I were to choose adjectives to describe Inga, I'd use vivacious and silly and content (usually) and happy.

She's so close to walking. We've seen her take a few steps, once in the bath of all places. This is from last week--it was more falling than walking. But today both Eric and I saw her take a few steps all on her own.

She can stand up on her own without pulling up on something. Like this.
hat from Danish Woolen Delight
She loves standing in the middle of a room and taking it all in. She's started signing "potty" back at me when I signal her to pee. Her version is opening and closing her hand into a fist. She loves clapping her hands. She's learned how to climb up and down stairs. I'll often have to go up one or two flights of stairs to find her! She has figured out how to climb up our step stool and reach on top of the kitchen counter. Nothing is safe anymore.
She tried the same trick at the playground but only made it up one rung.

She's not eating much food--mostly little tastes of table food plus lots of Cheerios.

This is what Zari wants to say about Inga:
She likes to play with toys, crawl, stand up, learn how to walk. I give her toys sometimes. I love her. She likes playing with her bear. She likes to eat everything. That's all. Actually something else: she likes her mama. She likes to eat dirt. She likes to do what I'm doing. We play Follow The Baby with Inga. I love my family and Inga. Inga likes to suck on orange peels. She likes to play with toys in the attic. She likes Dio. I love my family so much and we lived happily ever after. The End. That's all.

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  1. My 11-month-old loves to eat dirt and orange peels too! Inga's so beautiful! :-)


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