Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Dio!

Dio turned 3 a few days ago. We just had his party today.

working on it...

3 years old!

He requested a dinosaur cake. I wasn't about to attempt anything like this, so we compromised on a dinosaur egg. We decided that blue with purple dots was a great color scheme.

Even better, the inside was a blue ombre cake. Why not make it fun? (Desiree, I blame you for the inspiration!)

Ever since he was a newborn, Dio has had an intense personality. This goes for his happy moods as well as his cranky ones. He has an instant on/off switch, and we never know when he's going to flip from silly giggles into shrieks. As much as the intensity is challenging at times, he can be quite delightful to be around.

His language skills are quite developed now; I love hearing him verbalize his thoughts and observations. And he has the most endearing franglais. When he's trying to speak French, he usually starts out in English and then ends the sentence in French. It takes him a few words to get warmed up.

He's been full potty trained since he was 2 1/2, but he can now go pee all by himself. It's so nice not to have to help him every time! I still haven't switched him over from a crib into a regular bed. We've tried taking him out of his crib, but he's much harder to get down for naps (or to stay put in the middle of the night) when he can "escape." So for now, we're sticking with the crib. Zari hardly ever slept in a crib, except for naps or to start out at night before we came in. Then she went directly onto a twin mattress on the floor.

I think Dio's nursing days are coming to a close. I nurse him just once every 2-3 days. His latch is getting worse and worse, and he's hardly getting any milk out. We're going to be in France this summer, so I might have a nursing party for him like I did for Zari. He still really likes the comfort of nursing, though, and I worry about arbitrarily ending it too soon. I love how he says, "I want to nurse you, mama."

Happy 3rd birthday, Dio. We're so glad to have you in our family!
photo by Zari


  1. That is the coolest dino egg cake! How fun...Happy Birthday Dio!

  2. Happy Birthday Dio! The cake looked great! Such great big blue eyes! Love the pics!

  3. Happy birthday Dio!
    I'd be glad to meet you and your family, Rixa if you come anywhere near Paris...
    Here is a great series of very long interviews of homebirthers in France. It reveals a lot about attitudes and assumptions around birth and homebirth in France, the lack of empowerment of french women in regards to body image, self-awareness and the unchallenged domination of the medical establishment. There are roughly 50 midwives who attend homebirths in France(vs around 500 in Germany) and homebirths are pretty much the exception.
    My favorites (8 children, had twins "unassisted"),17


  4. Stellaspotlight, thanks for those links! We'll be in Nice the whole time, otherwise I'd love to meet :)

  5. What a great cake! I bet you got it right on the first try! :-)

    Man, I started reading your blog when you were pregnant with Dio - where has the time gone!

    Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  6. Happy birthday, little man!


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