Monday, May 07, 2012

Human Rights in Childbirth Conference: Register Now and Save!

My summer travel plans are about to get a lot more interesting...I have been invited to attend the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference in The Hague on May 31-June 1.

I'll be in France during that time, so I might actually be able to hop over (meaning I get on a train, then an airplane, then another airplane, then a train, and finally a bus) to the conference. If I were in Paris, it would be an easy 3-hour train ride. Unfortunately I will be in Nice, so it's not exactly easy to get from there to the northern coast of the Netherlands. But I am trying my best!

(And here's another tidbit you probably never knew about me: I studied Afrikaans in college. One of those highly practical languages *cough*. I could actually use it in the Netherlands, since Afrikaans is a simplified form of Dutch. Of course I've forgotten most of it since I started learning French...)

If you're a blog reader, you can attend this conference LIVE or AT YOUR OWN PACE without having to leave your own home. The conference organizer has offered a special discount for Stand and Deliver readers! You will save close to 60% off the normal webinar fee. More details below:

Human Rights in Childbirth Conference 

Healthcare in childbirth is of great importance to society. This conference takes a unique, consumer perspective. It will focus on the legal and human rights issues arising at the intersection of childbirth and healthcare. The conference is being organized and hosted by affected groups, a legal research institute, and an international law program at The Hague University. Therefore, it creates a unique opportunity for a wide spectrum of stakeholders to share perspectives on the issues relating to birthing women and their families. Doctors, midwives, lawyers, and parents agree on the general principle of client-centered care in childbirth. The conference will be a platform to explore the practical aspects of human rights in 21st century healthcare systems, and how those systems can both maximize safety and respect the dignity of the women they support.

For more information on the conference and for an overview of our esteemed panelist please visit our website:

About the Human Rights in Childbirth Webinar: 

This webinar provides a unique opportunity for professionals and parents around the world to be a part of the global discussion on human rights in childbirth. The Human Rights in Childbirth Conference will be LIVE streamed by a professional team, so you can watch live and join the discussion via twitter.

If you are unable to join live, you will be able to watch the conference panels at your leisure for 30 days following the conference, join the ongoing discussion via the Facebook page, and connect with the regional and international networks of professionals capable of protecting women’s fundamental right to authority and support in childbirth. We want the conference to be accessible for your community, and we have negotiated a special price for you to join this important event!

Regular Price: €175 including the pre-conference publication. 

Special Price for the Stand and Deliver community: €75, pre-conference publication not included.

How to get this special price: 

1. Go to the Registration Form: Registration Page

2. Fill in the registration form and select the webinar (you will see the regular prices but don’t worry you will get your discount!), in the field “How did you learn about the conference? *” fill in "Stand and Deliver Discount" 

3. Do not pay by clicking on the PAY PAL directly (then you will pay the regular price). You will receive a confirmation email from our office with the discounted price and you can pay either via PAY PAL or via a bank transfer. The details for this will be provided in the email confirmation (this is created by a human, it is not an automatic mail, so won't be sent directly).


  1. There's apparently a low cost carrier (Transavia) that flies direct NCE-RTM. I just checked it and it would be 480E (pre luggage) for everyone but Eric to go.

  2. how about Easyjet?
    there are some cheap flights to and from Rotterdam too.
    i might be able to attend the conference, so thanks for the info.
    DH is from the Hague so i'll ask him for more info and post it here ifi have anything interesting. it's such a lovely city on the seawall and all.hope you'll enjoy!

  3. Is the price really 75 USD and not 75 EUR? I have another option of a dicsount - similar to yours - and the price is the same, but the currency isn't... Thank you :)

    1. Hi Decva, it's Euros, not dollars. Sorry about that error--I fixed it!


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