Friday, October 26, 2012

How to get to school in style

I still haven't made any headway on getting a crossing guard near Zari's elementary school. I've talked multiple times to the school transportation department, the state highway department, the police chief, and more. Since no one was willing to DO anything, I took matters into my own hands:

With the police chief's blessing, I should add. He said he couldn't technically give me crossing guard equipment for liability reasons, but...

"But," I asked him, "there's nothing stopping me from buying my own equipment?"


The crossing guard equipment makes a huge difference. Cars actually stop for us (they're legally required to at the crosswalk, but that doesn't mean anything in our town). I get a kick out of holding the stop sign and blasting my whistle at drivers who aren't paying attention.

I'd like a more permanent solution to access to this school building, but it does the job for us.


  1. Plus, Zari looks really, really cute.

  2. Perfect solution—I love it!

  3. Are any other kids using it? Maybe you could start a trend.

  4. Great job! Is it just for you, or are you helping other families cross?

  5. Unfortunately there's no one else who walks to school (except 2 families who live right next to the school and who don't have to cross that street). It's really sad because probably 95% of the families live across that street--some close, some far--but we're the only ones who walk or bike.


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