Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Seeking breech catchers in Calgary!

I just received an email from a 2nd-time mom from Calgary, AB who just discovered her baby is breech. Here's more info on her situation:

At 38.5 weeks, I recently discovered my baby is breech after finally deciding on a home water birth and making all the preparations. I was quite shocked. I had an ECV a couple of days ago, and the baby simply would not turn, for no apparent reason, despite lots of drugs and a very aggressive approach. I am continuing to do some Webster chiropractic treatments, and buying myself some time. The OBs were quick to offer a scheduled c-section, but I don't favor that option. They have told me that I can wait until I go into labor and then show up at the hospital hoping for a doctor willing to do a vaginal breech delivery. But there aren't a lot of OBs with experience doing breech vaginal birth (since it hasn't been offered for the last 10 years here, and only recently has the option opened up again). (My midwife can't offer me a home birth with a breech baby). Unfortunately, if I show up at the hospital and the doctor isn't comfortable/experienced with breech, then I may be required to undergo a c-section!

Let's put our heads together and find her more options before her baby arrives! If you can help, leave a comment or send me an email. 


  1. If she's willing to travel, she can try this clinic in Vancouver. They do vaginal breeches regularly:

  2. That's really sad. I live in Calgary and it's disturbing to know that if I ever do get pregnant that there are less options right here for birthing.
    Wish the mum all the best and hope the birth turns out well.

  3. Have you thought about any of the docs in High River? I know that they are doing great things there with water birth, family-centered care etc. and wouldn't be surprised if catching breeches is something they are doing as well.

  4. A Calgary doula here. From what I understand, Dr Karen Bailey in High River will deliver breech, as of 2012. Dr Stephen Wood at Foothills in Calgary also. I'll post on the Calgary Doula Association private forum to see if I can get any more current info. Thankfully, we have heard that the new South Calgary Hospital opening this year will have a breech protocol and some type of training for doctors there, so that's good news...

  5. Dr Young in Red Deer delivers breech, if she can get in with him. The other dr in his clinic, Dr. Wiebe (last I knew they worked together) also has delivered breech. A two friends of mine have been given the option of delivering breech in Red Deer. Both times baby's turned transverse so they didn't get to, but until that time they were not pressured to do a c-section.

  6. What midwifery group is she with? The group I delivered with in Calgary two years ago said they would deliver breech, but in the hospital under an overseeing OB. Perhaps she could just find a different midwifery group too.

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