Monday, December 16, 2013

Recovering from varicose vein surgery

My right leg 5 days post-op:

This leg had EVLT on the top half (see the line of bruises going towards the groin) and ambulatory phlebectomy on the bottom half.

My left leg doesn't look as bad. I had some sclerotherapy behind the knee, which is much less traumatic than pulling out the veins with a hook or zapping them with a laser.

I've learned that ibuprofen is my friend. I've been more tired than usual and have to avoid jarring/jumping/vigorous walking.


  1. May you improve with each passing day and your strength return so you can get back to your regular Rixa-routine.

  2. Oh bless your heart! I hope you get the chance to take it easy and here's wishing you a speedy recovery!!

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