Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ivy is 1 year old!

...and my post is a day late, typical. You learn to roll with the punches when you have 4 kids.

We celebrated today since Eric and I had a dinner event up on campus yesterday.

I wanted to do a white cake with ombre green inside and green ivy leaves. But I didn't have oil-based or powder food dyes to tint the white chocolate. So I reversed the scheme:

We painted real ivy leaves with melted white chocolate, then peeled the leaves off once the chocolate had hardened. It worked really well!

According to Ivy's birth certificate, she supposedly born today, March 26, not yesterday, March 25. I'm not sure who messed it up, but I'd like to get her passport and have been waiting almost 2 weeks for her birth certificate to be corrected.

Her passport photo:

What is Ivy up to?
  • Walking!
  • She can say papa, dog, tweet tweet as well as imitate several other sounds
  • She can sign dog, bird, and nurse
  • Being one of the pack with her siblings
  • Clinging to me or Eric much of the day...if I even move a few inches away, she sobs and crawls after me. 

Ivy still prefers her papa over anyone else, hands down. It's endearing, if a bit strange, to have a baby who prefers him over me. But I'm not complaining! I like that I can pass her off to him.

She's a happy, spunky, wiggly child

She's still waking twice at night to nurse. Nothing much changed since last month on sleep. I'm dealing with it and hoping that she'll transition to once-nightly nursing soon. Of course, I'm partly to blame since I get to bed about an hour too late every night...

If you haven't yet, read Ivy's birth story, see her birth photos, and watch her birth video.

Happy birthday Ivy Claire! 

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  1. Happy birthday Ivy, it feels like yesterday I was pregnant with my youngest and reading your wonderful birth story. Keep being amazing xx


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