Tuesday, September 16, 2014

La lutte contre les poux

The Battle Against Lice
How Dumpster Diving Helped Finance De-Lousing Inga

We had a parents' meetings last Friday for Inga's and Zari's classes. Inga's teacher alerted us that her class already had a lice problem.

I checked Inga's head Monday morning and saw something crawling on her head. I squished it before I could identify it, but after that I was on high alert. When the kids came home from school, I called my downstairs neighbor (did I mention she is a hairdresser? how fortunate!) to check our hair. I've never dealt with lice before, so I don't know what to look for.

Inga had lice. Or rather, she had nits.


So far no one else has anything, but now I keep imagining that I feel little creepy crawly things on my head.

Here's our plan of attack:
  • Wash all sheets and pillowcases and anything the kids were wearing that day
  • Apply Duo LP-Pro on everyone's heads as a precaution. This non-insecticidal product is supposed to be 100% effective against both lice and nits. (Of course there are lots of products claiming to eliminate lice that don't...so we'll see.) You leave this on overnight and wash it out the next day. 
  • Apply a special blue dye to Inga's hair that makes nits easier to spot
  • Remove all nits from Inga's hair and check everyone else's
  • Repeat the last step indefinitely 

My younger sister, who has 4 kids, has dealt with multiple rounds of lice picked up at school. She says the Nit Free Terminator comb is the only one that is effective. She's tried just about everything out there.

I'm trying to locate this comb or the French equivalent Assy 2000 locally, but so far no pharmacies in the area carry it. The plastic comb in the Duo LP-Pro kit was worthless. I picked out all the nits by hand.

So now let's talk about how awesome dumpster diving is. I was walking home by our garbage station and saw a disassembled wooden crib sitting by the dumpsters. I picked it up right away. It turned out to be an IKEA Sniglar. It was missing a few of the bolts and one dowel was cracked. But otherwise in fine shape. A quick trip to the hardware store for bolts, plus some wood glue, wood putty, and sandpaper...and it was ready to go!

I was tempted to keep it for Ivy and put away her cheap pack & play, but Eric convinced me to sell it. I listed it on Leboncoin.fr for 30 Euros and sold it within 2 days.

Total profit from the crib: 25 Euros.

Total cost of de-lousing supplies: 13 Euros for Duo LP-Pro + 18 Euros for the blue dye and a specially formulated mix (to be dropped in a shampoo bottle) of essential oils that supposedly repel lice

...And I still need to buy the darn comb.


  1. Lice is my worst nightmare. No lie, I've seriously considered homeschooling just so I never have to deal with lice. I'm feeling itchy just thinking about it and I may just buy that comb now. Just in case....

  2. Try searching for the nitty gritty comb, we have it in the UK so they probably have it in France it has the identical spiral teeth and removes everything even glitter!

  3. Tea tree oil will discourage them from returning. Put drops in your shampoo or a leave in conditioner and spritz daily on your hair. They don't like the smell. Also olive oil or mayonnaise will aide in removal of the nits (eggs), and the lice themselves can't move through it so you can easily get them out. The nits can't stick to the hair covered in mayo or oil also. Our family was plagued with lice when my sisters were young. Even when you do everything to rid your family of them, if one kid in the class doesn't, you just get them right back.


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