Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ski day!

We drove up to Isola 2000 for a half-day of skiing. Left at 10 am, got back at 7:30 pm, and had 5 hours of skiing in between. Inga threw up on the way there, and Ivy puked on the way back. But both times we caught it in a container, so no mess. Hooray!

Our downstairs neighbor and her son were staying in a hotel at the ski resort, so Ivy and Inga and I went swimming at the hotel pool.  Nothing like swimming in a very warm pool while overlooking snow-covered mountains and seeing skiers whiz by right past the window.

I love that Eric wears the same jacket from when were were dating 17+ years ago. He doesn't even own a proper ski jacket--it's a rain jacket with a sweater underneath! Canadians are weird.

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