Friday, March 27, 2015

Ivy is 2 years old! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Ivy! We had a small family celebration two days ago...cake and candles and a birthday song. We're having a bigger party with lots of friends on Sunday. I know Ivy won't really care either way, but our other kids will love having a party.

Ivy had just licked the frosting off the candles...yum

Two different family members gave us money to buy pastries for Ivy's birthday present. Fantastic idea!

We went to Eze Bord de Mer today after school. Eric went spearfishing and had grand hopes, but he saw very few fish this time. He did catch one small fish that we'll eat tomorrow.

Zari made paper crowns for everyone this week.

The kids love to belt out "Let It Go"

Now for some Ivy updates:

She's waking up once a night to nurse, then is up for the day around 6:30 am. Doable. We've been staying in her room since January, since we've had guests almost nonstop. I'm looking forward to having my own room again!

Ivy has been out of diapers during the day for almost 2 weeks now. Hooray! I have packed the cloth diapers away and am considering selling them. Any takers for about 18 pocket diapers & soakers with snaps and FOE binding? Especially anyone in France? They have been used for 7 years but are still functional.

Her language skills continue to surprise and amaze me. The other day, Inga was (yet again) bothering Ivy, and Ivy said, "Mama, Inga hit me." Great. Now she has learned the skill of tattling. She loves to look for Smart cars; "Encore baby cars mama! Encore!"

Ivy loves looking for "pretty flowers" and putting on dresses to dance in. Actually all of our kids do, Dio included. I introduced them to Riverdance last night. It was a hit.

Catch-up time...


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