Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A mama expecting twins needs your help!

I recently received a request for help/information/references from a woman expecting twins in May. She lives in Valence, which is in southeast France:

My husband and I are expecting twins in May, and we are looking for a midwife who would help us deliver them naturally.

We originally planned on a home birth, before we knew it was twins. (We discovered that 2 weeks ago, since we did not want to do more ultrasound checks than required.)

We really want to avoid the hospital and all of their medical procedure if possible, but the midwives here do not attend home births with twins. And the doctors at the hospital are using fear to convince us to induce, prepare for C/S, etc. We would prefer to stay away from them and look for another option.

Could you recommend someone who could help us? We thank you in advance for your help!!

I am located in Valence, South-east of France. We could travel to Lyon or Grenoble. These two cities are 1 hour away.


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