Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bookworm takes a nap

Sometimes when you're two, you just need to take a nap. Even if you're in the middle of a book.

We're full-swing into the school year. Zari and Dio are playing soccer, which means practice and two games every week. I've tamed our gardens back into shape and have spread 10 cubic yards of mulch so far (and I am still not done!).

I submitted a grant application a few weeks ago to develop an international breech training course. I don't hear back until the new year whether my application will be chosen. Crossing my fingers!

Dinner tonight is Peruvian chicken with spicy mayonnaise and tarte au chocolat for dessert. I can feel the habanero pepper oil on my hands, even though I tried my best not to touch them.

Ivy is really mad that I woke her up. Poor thing. If I let her nap, though, she won't go to bed on time. She's gone through some major transitions since we came back from France: she's completely done with diapers AND she is sleeping through the night. Woohoo!

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