Saturday, May 07, 2016

Off to France again

We're spending the summer in Nice. We left last weekend with only 6 suitcases this time.

We pulled the kids out of school back home and put them in the French public school. All four children are in school this year, with Ivy in the "toute petite section" that starts at age 2.5. She did amazingly her first day, but the second day she clung to us and sobbed. She goes only in the morning. I love having school right around the corner and 2-hour lunch breaks!


  1. Hello, I've been following you for years from Turkey and my kids are going to a French school in Turkey. One is in moyenne section and The other is in CP. I heard that there are public schools in France that serve during summer and are paid weekly. I have been thinking for a while that it would be a good idea to register them for one or two weeks to help them practice French better. Could you please help me find such a school in your area? I will be grateful. Thanks from Ankara, Turkey.

  2. And here is my information, sorry I commented as unknown

    1. Hi Neslihan, as far as I know there are no public schools during the summer months of July and August. However, there are lots of summer camps/programs that you can send your kids to. I've never done them for our family, so I don't know much more than that they exist.

  3. Thank you for your answer.


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