Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Announcing...K. Kawai

Announcing our newest baby K. Kawai, measuring 6'8" (2 meters) and weighing in at a whopping 772 lbs (350 kg). We found a lovely church putting her up for adoption far below market value. She traveled all the way from Dayton, OH to join our family.

Ivy and Eric were present for the delivery. What an experience! It was a battle going up the front stairs, but fortunately both home and baby are doing well.

K. Kawai has her first well-piano visit next Monday. So far she's been playing like a champ, so she should only need minimal tuning.

Last month K. Kawai's older sister (7'6") had to rejoin her grandparents back in Minnesota. The house has been far too quiet since she left.

Visiting hours are afternoons from 3-5. Please bring the new parents sheet music. (We are allergic to 12-tone music, otherwise we play anything.)

We are so in love with this sweet girl.


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