Wednesday, March 25, 2020

French quarantine day 6

7,827 steps

Happy 7th birthday Ivy! This is our first--and hopefully last--birthday during lockdown. Ivy "played" with her group of school friends in the morning via WhatsApp and had a virtual birthday party in the evening.

Ivy helped me frost the cake (chocolate wedding cake with buttercream icing). We didn't do anything too elaborate this year. That seems to be a trend. No wrapping paper? Make it out of coloring pages! No food coloring? Decorate with plain white frosting!

Eric read Ivy's birth story, a tradition we do with the kids every year. At the bottom of the birth story are links to the birth video & pictures for you brave souls out there. Nothing gory or scary, just a plain-old-wonderful home birth :)

One of Ivy's presents was a scooter; we took the kids out for a spin in the afternoon.

What else? I made quarantine bread as most of the bakeries are closed. Plus I really like my bread. Give it a try: it's almost impossible to mess up!

The evening closed with a somber note. At 19h30, every church in Nice rang their bells to honor the victims of the coronavirus. You'll hear it on the end of Ivy's birthday video.


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