Monday, February 11, 2008

Anyone writing about UC?

I am working on a section in one of my dissertation chapters about other academics/writers/etc who are currently writing about unassisted birth. This could be a book, a chapter in a book, an article, a thesis or dissertation, etc. If this applies to you or someone you know, please contact me ( at so I can mention it in my dissertation. Many thanks!


  1. Dissertation on UC, surely you jest?! An educated person knows better. That's a great oxymoron - UC dissertation!

  2. Kim wrote: An educated person knows better.

    Correction: An educated person seeks to educate.

    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
    -Malcolm Forbes

    I think Rixa seeks to open minds. Chicken Little seeks to empty them.

  3. Surely I do not jest. I am writing my doctoral dissertation about the unassisted childbirth movement in North America to complete a PhD in American Studies. I am working on the last chapter and am set to defend and graduate this spring. Then I will be The Doctor (guess who's been watching too much Dr. Who?)

    I see no oxymoron in a dissertation about UC. Academics have explored a diverse range of childbirth-related topics--religion and home birth, the social impact of amniocentesis, the construction of FAS as a medical and social diagnosis, the history of birth stools, and so on. Childbirth is a rich field for investigation, since so many different currents intersect: science, medicine, culture, technology, professionalization, religion, feminism, ideas about "nature" or "natural," how we approach pain, how we understand risk, how we experience our bodies...

  4. Lynn Griesemer2/18/08, 7:34 PM

    Susana Fierro-Baig has written an ebook titled "Christ-Centered Childbirth: Applying Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Childbearing." (2/15/08) It deals with topics in addition to unassisted birth and is written from an LDS / Mormon perspective.

  5. i think maybe kim was kidding?

  6. I would love to add to this... as I have experience in this area to a degree.

  7. Rixa,
    Thank you for all the referrals you have sent to my blog and for introducing my book. Two women in my book had unassisted births: one was unplanned and the other was a planned HBAC.


  8. Thanks Denise. Which reminds me...I need to write a review of your book. I got the e-book and read it all in one sitting (as much as you can with a 1-year-old!)


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