Sunday, December 06, 2009

Grand finale

I came home from this evening's orchestra concern on a post-Beethoven high. There's nothing like playing Beethoven's 5th to get your muscles working and your spirits soaring. I was hoping for a nice relaxing evening. But instead, I found a string of posts that got me worked up all over again.

Jill at The Unnecesarean started it all with two posts: Stuff White People Like: Talking About Birth and Convincing White Women that Birth is Painless Will End 'Race Suicide'

Which got Reality Rounds' creative juices flowing with A Birth Blogger Rap

And our intrepid OB/GYN student over at Mom's Tinfoil Hat wrote three replies-turned-posts.
Reply turned post, need to walk away style
Reply turned post, Dr. Amy is still there? style
Reply turned post, Dr. Amy style

I am doing my best not to get sucked know, like this person:


  1. *chuckle chuckle*
    havent been embroiled in a Dr Amy for a while, not since she started posting on my blog last year. Wasnt that just fun...

  2. Don't dooooo it! Walk awaaaayyyy!!! I gave up after she started pretending that studies THAT SHE CITED FOR HER AGENDA were - sike! - actually hoaxes designed to trick silly natural birthers. I didn't want to risk my brain exploding and getting blood all over Jill's wonderful blog.

  3. And round and round it goes.......

    I lost my entire Friday evening to reading through all of it.

    And really, truly, the best comment is when Jill does a little comment moderation and says, "So and so, please do not say "eff you" to Dr. Amy."

    And my husband is still wondering why I was laughing at my laptop screen.....

  4. Oh, it's been fun! And I *love* that graphic! (hits a little too close to home sometimes) ;-)

    Along with Katy, I was laughing at some of it too. And coming on the heels of watching "The Emperor's New Groove", I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the evil Yzma who gets turned into a helpless kitten, and Dr. Amy, who is an awful lot of bluster until someone stands up to her with facts. Meow! :-)


  5. Oh, good for you Rixa! I was trying so hard to get work done and kept getting distracted, and finally I typed a note to myself and made it 96 point bold font: NOTHING IS SOLVED ON THE INTERNET. And whenever I got tempted to get distracted again I would look at my all-caps bolded huge note. I forgot about that xkcd comic - that would have worked even better!!

  6. Ha! Yup, I linked to that exact cartoon in one of those posts.

    What's really annoying about these threads (OK, there's a lot that's really annoying, but one of the main things...) is that she-who-shall-not-be-named manages to duck and dodge the good replies (MINE! OK, I am full of myself, sorry.) and continue to bicker about minor points.

    So, 100 comments later, she's arguing semantics or minor points with a new poster, who has every right to be there and be as annoyed as I am, but still. She has no answer to the big points, like the fact she engages in major argument fallacies, sweeping judgments and evidence distortions in order to create straw woman arguments.

    So, I walk away.

  7. Thanks for the link. It really is hard to stop reading Dr. Amy's rants. I must be strong!

  8. Aaaaaand I walk back. Sigh. I am not strong, RR.

  9. Oh man, I can't believe she is still at it. Aren't the numbers enough to at least show something is wrong?
    I am not engaging her any more. Nope.

  10. "Good old" Dr Amy...what an ass. Thanks for these links back to these blogs I hadnt poked around in a while though!


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