Tuesday, June 05, 2012

15 months old!

Where has my baby gone? I have a crazy active toddler now who won't sit still for more than 2 seconds. How am I going to manage through the 3 plane rides home from France? (I'll be on my own again, since Eric wasn't able to get the same flight home.)

Inga's hair is growing in nicely...and it's curly! Who would have thought?

She often sleeps like this.

She loves to go on the playground equipment all by herself.

Inga says just a few words: mama, papa/dada, uh-oh, eew, & fish (last one learned yesterday when we were at the aquarium in Monaco)

She signs a lot more words: more, please, dog, cat, bird, fish, car, airplane, train, milk, nurse, papa, eat, shoes 
She just started sleeping all the way through the night, a good 12-13 hours. We were down to one 6 am waking but now she's cut that one out too. Hooray!
splashing in the "dragon pool" on the way up to the parc du chateau in Nice
aquarium in Monaco
nursing on top of the Monaco aquarium


  1. Sweet curly girly! And beautiful nursing picture!

  2. She is just precious! You can tell that she wants to be independent and do things like a big girl!

  3. Question: did you night wean? Or did she do that all on her own?

  4. I didn't actively night wean her this last time, but there were a few times around 6 am that she fussed and I just lay in bed too tired to get up! She went back to sleep after a few minutes, and then after a few nights of doing that she had reset her waking schedule.

    A few months ago, she started waking up 2, and then 3, times a night, up from her usual 1 or maybe 2. Once she hit 3 times/night (so every 3 hours) I decided enough was enough and that I wouldn't nurse her until after 3 am. We'd comfort her as necessary but not nurse. (Turns out she got madder when we came in to comfort her!) After a few nights of fussing, she again "reset" herself back to waking up just once.

  5. I'm in the same boat with Cal, he's all of a sudden waking again 3 hours after I put him down like he's looking for me (he's about a month younger than Inga) - I may try that and see how he responds.

    thanks for sharing!


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