Saturday, June 30, 2012

A lot can happen in a week

This past week we...

Bought another multi-family property. We spent Saturday ripping out loads of old carpet, layers and layers of flooring, and trash left by previous tenants. It will be really nice when we're finished with it but I am having major buyer's remorse. Why do we do this???

Went on vacation to my parent's cabin in northern Wisconsin. It took 10 hours to drive there and 14 to drive back (you'll see why later).
Had our car break down on the way home. The alternator pulley and belt broke about 5 hours into our trip. Fortunately we were 5 minutes from a European auto repair shop. Fortunately the shop was still open at 4 pm on a Friday. Fortunately the shop was able to locate the hard-to-find parts at a local VW dealership, since none of the auto parts stores carried them.  $550 and a few  hours later we were on our way.

Classic Eric quote: "The noise stopped! We should just keep driving." This was right after the alternator belt broke and the screeching noise stopped. I insisted we go to the shop. A minute later, the A/C failed, the power steering failed, and the alternator light went on. He conceded we should have the car looked at.

Enjoyed wonderful weather while most of the country suffered through a heat wave. Today's high is 92 F (close to 34 C) and that's cooler than last week

Had no internet access for a week. I read 2 books and about 20 magazines. I took naps in the hammock.  And I realized that I probably don't need to check my email several times a day!


  1. WOW!! What a trip. We've been up to some traveling too, but luckily, uneventful. It's 110 here today.....insane.

    Hope that the property fixing goes well and that the remorse is replaced with satisfaction. = ) Happy summer!

  2. Argh, no internet for a week!? I would have lost my mind... or perhaps found it? ;-)


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