Sunday, November 18, 2012

Taking notes at the Heads Up! Breech Conference

Ruth Mace-Tessler captured this picture of me typing 100 miles an hour at the breech conference. It was so nice to have have any little kids to take care of during those three days. There's no way I would have been able to take such detailed notes with Inga in tow.

I'm thinking of compiling all my conference notes into a downloadable PDF. It would be nice to have a printed booklet to give to interested care providers or pregnant women. Would this interest you? Anyone with some awesome graphic design skills who could fancy it up for me?


  1. Yes, I am very interested!!!

  2. I would love that. I can attest to you typing 100 miles an hour as I was the one sitting behind you. I was amazed at how fast your fingers worked and I was writing my own notes at a much slower short-hand speed.

  3. I'd LOVE a copy of your notes!

  4. I would absolutely like a copy of it. I just had a momma have a successful VBAC because her first one was breech. We need more education and info!!


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