Sunday, February 02, 2014

Birth in the caul

I want to share these two stunning photographs of babies being born in the caul. The first is from a twin birth by photographer Leilani Rogers of*

The second photo was taken during a cesarean section and shared by Greek obstetrician Aris Tsigris.

I feel such a sense of awe and mystery when I look at these pictures. Even though I've had four children, I still wonder how they folded up inside. Seeing a baby born, yet not fully emerged, gives me a fleeting glimpse into the hidden life of the unborn baby.

This is me trying to figure out how Inga managed to fit inside of me.

*You may share this photo if you give credit and include a link to Leilani Roger's website 


  1. Wow! Those are the two clearest pictures I have ever seen of babies in the caul. Takes my breath away, so amazing!


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